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Pausing/Cutting Philosophy by The_Sensei

by on Aug.05, 2011, under Constructed, Limited, Site News

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I do not get paid to make these videos; any advertising you see goes to YouTube, not to me.

When I draft, that is rarely all that I am doing. I am usually watching TV or listening to music. I am usually checking Facebook or Twitter or reading [Taylor Swift] forums. I would rather stop making videos than stop multi-tasking while online Magicking.

Aside: In my opinion, no video of a game should last more than 15 minutes and no video of a match should last more than 35. I detest watching videos of where the opponent goes AFK for 2-4 minutes. I do acknowledge that none of videos get anywhere near 35 and my cuts are very aggressive.

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by on Mar.01, 2010, under Site News

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Ok guys, so apparently ORCs lied to me.  I asked them if the clan size limit had been removed and they said no.  So a few days ago i tried to add people over the limit and it worked.  Now accepting new members.  Just pm me on modo or on the forums and i will make sure to get you an invite.

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Mellamopobrede’s Video Hosting Experiment

by on Feb.02, 2010, under Site News

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So as you all know we have had to use the third party site viddler for a while now since our original host denied us.  But lets face it, viddler is about as appealing your mom’s underwear.  Viddler was originally used because A) not a lot of sites had HD video hosting yet and B) because it was easy.  That being said, they are still in testing for their HD video support and their current quality is abysmal.  So i recorded an M10 draft yesterday and decided i would try out some other free sites and see what the results would be.  I will go over what is the best option for you guys for each site i uploaded to.

Site #1:

Here is the video

Analysis:  While the quality is good, the site does not allow video game content.  Which is pretty effing lame.  The site was easy to upload to and there is no limit on size or length of video either, which is also very appealing.

Here is the source video

Recommendation:  Do not use this site.  While the quality and convenience is there, the legal issues might get you guys in trouble.

Site #2: Youtube

Part 1 Part 2

Make sure to select the 720 p option, which is HD.

Analysis:  Great quality video.  It is also fairly easy to upload videos, and the editing features are top notch.  The only drawback is the 10 minute video length limit.  This will require each person to chop up each video into segments for individual upload.

Recommendation:  If you don’t mind putting in a little bit of effort to crop your videos, i highly recommend youtube.

Site #3: Dailymotion


Analysis: What terribly quality.  In addition to the bad quality, you must apply to become a motion maker.  In order to do that you have to submit an original video to the Dailymotion team for review by tagging it as Creative Content.  Now to be fair, this video has yet to be approved as creative content, but i uploaded this video hours ago.  So the process is arduous.

Creative Content ACR Draft

This video looks much better.  This is the improvement that happens after they approve your video as creative content.  Now this does not look as good as the two sites above, but keep in mind that this video was done on a dinky CRT monitor and also not produced in HD.  Considering those facts, dailymotion is pretty decent.

Recommendation: The quality is fine.  The problem is that the process is kind of tedious and you also have to wait a while before your video looks beautiful.  I would say stay away from this site unless you have no other choice.

Site#4: Veoh


Analysis and Recommendation:  Not a lot to say here.  Without HD support, the video looks horrendous.  Maybe when they come out with HD support this will be a viable option, but for now stay away.

Site #5: Viddler


This was just for shits and giggles.  It pains me to watch this and it was probably a waste of time to upload this anyway.  Promised HD support that they have not delivered yet, so goodbye old friend.

Winner: Youtube

With quality and convenience, youtube is the clear best option for this here fine website.  I have one last thing to show you guys.  I produced a 1:30 segment from the back end of round 2 of the draft i did.  I produced it in the original dimensions of my monitor (1920 x 1080) and uploaded it to youtube as well.  Make sure to use the 1080p option.  Enjoy.


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Forum Issues

by on Dec.19, 2009, under Site News

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EDIT: We’re back to normal. Big thanks to the techs at in motion hosting for their help.
I highly suggest that you all run a virus scanner. None of your passwords should have been compromised as all passwords are kept encrypted in the database, however if you were infected, your password may have been compromised as a result of this. Thus once again, I highly suggest that you run a virus checker. I highly recommend malware bytes anti-malware. Much apologies for the inconvenience guys.

There seems to be something wrong with the forums at the moment. I suspect some site of cross-site script. Stay away from the forums for now as there may be a security risk. I will let you all know when I have it taken care of.

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Front Page is now accessible to all.

by on Aug.03, 2009, under Site News

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From now on anyone will be able to submit content to the front page. Editors will look over the post to deem if it is worthy. Please before attempting to post to the front page make a few posts in the videos section of the forums to make sure you have all technical difficulties worked out. Please don’t submit any videos with no sound or difficult to hear sound, and avoid some of the easier formats such as swiss drafts. We’re especially looking for people who are interested in providing constructed content. Once a poster has been proven to produce quality content I will change your permissions such that you can post on your own terms.

If anyone has any interesting suggestions/questions please feel free to voice them in the comments.

For a basic walkthrough of the process behind recording videos, consult this instructional video.

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Avatars Enabled for Main Page

by on Aug.01, 2009, under Site News

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I have enabled avatars for the main site, here are instructions on how to set them up.

1. Goto and register an account under the email address you used to register your wordpress account.

2. Upload an image.

3. Profit

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The Massive Influx of Content

by on Jul.09, 2009, under Site News

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So there has been a ton of content on the front page as of late and thats been great.  Since neither cippy nor myself have done a video in a while it has really helped keep the site going.  However, our 84 content is lacking (of course a lot of that blame falls on myself as i have a distinct hatred for ACR).  I was talking to some people and there are a few mixed opinions about who should or shouldnt post on the front page.  Cippy and myself initially started this project to just provide content for free and nothing more.  Neither of us are pros or are super involved in the game and were both once novices.  Modosharks helped us with its superb content by great players.  Unfortunately that site didn’t see the whole concept through.  We aimed at providing free content despite the fact that we knew we weren’t top notch players.  As the site grew and more people began posting videos we decided to just bump everyone to the front page no matter the skill level.  I still think this is good as all levels of content are appreciated.   However your opinions are very valuable and i just want to hear what you guys think of the site so far (include a thought about limitations or lack there of on front page privileges).  Just post it in the comments below.   It would be awesome to be able to hear all of your thoughts as that might help make the site better as it continues to grow.

Happy Gaming


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Bad News

by on Jan.27, 2009, under Site News

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The hosting company called and detailed to me the egregious amount of bandwidth this site is using up on videos. This puts us in an awkward position as videos are likely to be temporarily disabled. The forums will stay up for now and I hope everyone hangs on until I can find an affordable solution to this issue.

Along with this, I was hoping if anyone has any experience with some sort of content distribution provider, ie Amazon’s S3 or Akamai. This is likely the direction the site will need to go and having the assistance of someone with experience in this field will hopefully get the site running back at full speed. Until then I must apologize for this unfortunate circumstance and ask that you please keep the forum community strong until then.

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A Friendly Reminder

by on Jan.12, 2009, under Site News

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For those of you who don’t already know, we have several people posting videos in the forums. Please check out the forums and these videos and if you like them be sure to leave feedback as your feedback with help get them moved to the front page. For those of you that are blind the link to the forums is almost directly to the right of this post but I will also put another link to it in here.


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Some Minor Changes

by on Dec.20, 2008, under Site News

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I made some minor changes to the website and it seems to have broken a few things. If you are having issues with logging in to the website try deleting your cookies associated with this website and try to log in again. If anyone still has problems feel free to email me at and I’ll try to help you through it.

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