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  • Whatisfgh M10 Draft 3: Swiss

    by on Oct.14, 2009, under M10 Block

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    Rounds are not interesting fyi.
    Round 1
    Round 2
    Round 3

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    • LouNo Gravatar

      Duude. Dude. I only watched the first minute of round 3 but dude, your mulligan evaluation needs some honing. I could see mulling the first hand, but that second hand was freaking great. M10 is a slow format. It’s ok if you miss a land drop or 2. You have a hand full of gas with an awesome two drop and your on the draw.

      Ease off on that yes button hombre.

    • christopherwNo Gravatar

      No, I disagree with that.
      I think the first hand is fine to keep, but the second hand would be absolutely terrible to keep.
      If you think thats an easy keeper Lou, then I would say that you are the one that needs to work on evaluating mulligans.

    • goproNo Gravatar

      I wouldve kept the 2nd hand. It def has potential.
      Going to 5 is much riskier. But u had a solid 4 mull so cant ask for anything more.

    • whatisfghNo Gravatar

      @Hitzov: If I don’t block the goblin he has the play of saving the lightning elemental with the growth, so it’s more a block both, block none, or I suppose double block one of them (probably the goblin).

      Re: mulligans. In the first hand: If the negate was a remove soul I would have probably kept. as it stands I could see that hand losing to an average draw from an opponent.

      The second hand needs like runner runner runner land to just not get blown out by 3 grizzly bears.

      3rd hand is even worse and I’m obviously thinking if I should have kept that first one at this point.

    • christopherwNo Gravatar


      Im suprised in round 2 game1, when you used ponder you didnt seem to think it was good. When i saw those 3 cards, i pretty much thought that was the perfect ponder.

    • whatisfghNo Gravatar

      @ christopherw

      Defiantly not terrible I guess, I just would have been happier with a creature ;)

    • LouNo Gravatar

      Christopher: Well, since the deck has a fireball and some pretty good late game spells, I would keep the first hand. If the top of my curve was 4 or 5 I would want to mull because those extra lands are almost dead cards if you have nothing to sink the mana into and no looter.

      I’d like to know WHY you think its good to mull to 5 cards with a 6 card hand like that.

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