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    • whatisfghNo Gravatar

      Don’t expect me to have any insight into the m10 draft.. I didn’t even know it was there till I saw a block of videos with 10 views. I think maybe I failed into green and lost.

      Blame/Thank Mikey K for the drafts, it was his idea. :)

    • RhapsodyguyNo Gravatar

      1st draft… whichever pick it was, I think you should have taken the Chalice over Calcite Snapper. A bit of mana acceleration seems good since your curve basically starts at 3 mana.

    • Mikey k519No Gravatar

      Blame me for what? What the hell did I do? lol

    • infenweNo Gravatar

      Draft 1 P3P1: What about Join the Ranks and splashing white for that plus the journey? Of course, you probably have to find a Pilgrim’s Eye to make that work, but it has potential to be pretty sweet. And the way it worked out, you could have picked up one P3P6 – a pick I’d have made anyway with a deck as mana hungry as yours.

    • whatisfghNo Gravatar

      Chalice would have been fine, though I don’t know about running 19 mana sources.

      I would not take join the ranks there, I don’t see a need to splash. The way it worked out is that I got a mordant dragon, so my mana went to hell even without a white splash ;)

      I wouldn’t fault you for taking the pilgrims eye over mysteries though, I just like drawing cards.

    • RhapsodyguyNo Gravatar

      In the first game of the second draft, I don’t understand why:

      You played Turntimber on its own instead of the Seastalkers or both Turntimber and Nissa’s Chosen the turn after he bounced the Seastalkers. Seastalkers costs more mana, and is also the most reliable evasive threat you have. I also would much rather have him Whiplash trapping you this turn, than when he can swing for more than 2 in the air that he will already be hitting you for.

      You spent a turn proactively trading your Turntimber for the Hada Freeblade and playing Nissa’s Chosen rather than playing Horizon Drake and Nissa’s Chosen. It’s probably better to threaten lethal in two turns than get rid of a creature that is nullified anyway while Turntimber is out.

      It’s fortunate that your opponent couldn’t seem to take the win that was easily in his grasp (with Windborn Charge, Into the Roil, Sejiri Steppe, and Aether Tradewinds in the mix).

      • RhapsodyguyNo Gravatar

        In the second game, I’m more in favor of dropping a different two-drop in case you draw some allies. Then the Excavator has more of an impact on the game.

        2nd Round, why would you sideboard out Quicksand when it’s your only real answer to River Boa (aside from three mana every turn from Seastalkers)?

    • whatisfghNo Gravatar

      @Rhapsodyguy: I’m going to defer those to Mr. Mikey K.

    • Mikey k519No Gravatar

      Taking out qicksand was just me being safe of any quicksand with island island shenangins in my starting hand or the other way around.

      I also knew I could race it if anything bad happened.

      As far as the whiplash trap thing goes. I wanted him to use whiplash trap at the worst time, which I believe he did. Because my deck was playing slower cards than him at that point. The turn after he uses it. I just unload.

      Plus I’m a bit rusty with drafting… So that might have something to do with it. I only draft maybe once in a while at fnm…

    • RoninXNo Gravatar

      That M10 draft and matches was so painful… really glad you finally won that last match. Not ending up with a pack after multiple people drop would have been such a shame.

      Regarding the archetype. You really need something to do at instant speed if you are going to play GW in M10 – letting all the giant growths and the harms way go by while you were dallying with black and blue just killed you in the end. Preferably you also end up with a few white fliers otherwise you are basically just mono green with a bad manabase.

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