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  • Daily Standard 1 – UB Control

    by on Nov.11, 2010, under Constructed, Standard

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    The first event I’ve uploaded to mtgovideos. Go ahead, check it out.

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    • mellamopobredeNo Gravatar

      Good Videos. I recommend anyone interested in standard to watch these as they are highly informative.

      Round 1: The turn you played frost titan you should have played grave titan to play around mark of mutiny. You don’t die, but you go to one and he can burn you to death.

      Round 2: Hawks are good at activating quest, but don’t forget that he can also draw skyfisher as it can bounce itself.

      Round 4: Not sure why you chose to keep mimic vat over tectonic edge. Edge is so good in the mirror as it deals with colonnade (their main win condition). Also, in game 2 you definitely needed to leave more mana open each turn. You had a lot of counters in hand with a jace on the board, you should be trying to protect it as much as possible.

    • cseraphNo Gravatar

      Round 3 you had to wait until his turn to consume either way, as he could easily just drop a land and kill you with colonnade if you consume on your turn.

      As it turns out he had the counter already so it was irrelevant, but that was the play :) .

    • cseraphNo Gravatar

      Near the end, I’d also suggest you needed to doom blade your own oracle and start drawing cards every turn as quickly as possible. Your hand was terrible and frost titan wasn’t going to cut it, dead or alive.

    • jiyunNo Gravatar

      Solid vids bro. I havent sat down to watch anyones full playlist since those crazy german drafters. This was great content. A few missplays here and there, some you mentioned yourself the others Mella has already mentioned. Its nice to see this deck from the players prospective, its one of the top tier decks in std atm. I personally hate it since i run Kut and i despise any control mu. Although if i was to run a control deck in std u/b would definitely be my choice.
      You should definitely look into a persecutor build it gives your g1 vs aggro a solid boost, but im not sure how the 2xjace package/consume+pierce will be affected.

      Gl in ur next queues, and I hope to see more content from you.

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