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  • Daily Standard 2 – UB Control

    by on Nov.17, 2010, under Constructed, Standard

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    Another run through a daily event with minor changes to the UB deck.

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    • geodishyNo Gravatar

      Nice videos, solid play all around

      Not sure about your build though, I’m not a huge fan of sea gates and especially mimic vats. The card never really impresses me. Having 3-4 persecutors would be a start.

    • PseudotropheusNo Gravatar

      I would probably bring in 1 or 2 memoricide for the bloodghasts. I used to play vampires before it was popular, and memoricide naming bloodghast was pretty devastating. They’re integral to the deck’s reach.

      • LastSasquatchNo Gravatar

        This seems like a legitimate idea. The only reason I haven’t done it so far is just that it seems like that play really lacks in power. For one, the bloodghasts in their hand will have already come down by the time I can cast it so I’ve got to kill them first to get the in the yard and that’s only if they don’t a fetch to bring it back on my turn. So the majority of the time the plan works is if they haven’t drawn bloodghast yet, in which case I’m spending a whole card and 4 mana to slightly weaken each of their remaining draw steps, seeing as how there isn’t even a tutor effect I’m worsening.

        Still in saying that it is usually the bloodghast that finishes me off if I ever manage to stabilise, and I’m not winning any matches right now so I’m up for trying anything else to see how it works. It’s not like it can lower my win rate against the deck any more.

    • mellamopobredeNo Gravatar

      Memoricide is a little too slow for this matchup for basically all of the reasons you just pointed out. When i played jund, i used to bring in thought hemorrhage against vengevine decks because they were hard for jund to deal with. Vengevine is much harder to get into play so that plan usually worked. This usually isnt the case for bloodghasts.

      I don’t quite remember your build, but i would start transitioning into more grave titans and/or wurmcoil engines. People are sideboarding against frost titan so it’s losing its value. Plus with stoneforge mystic and sword around he is fairly weak. Just my two cents.

    • Jebus_McGeeNo Gravatar

      I know that 4CC isn’t the most aggressively costed, but Skinrender and Domestication seem like solid 2 for 1 options against Vampires. Skinrender actually has good synergy with Into the Roil, Mimic Vat, and Jace as well. Wurmcoil Engine also seems like a solid way to try to stabilize.

      And while it would be fairly embarrassing to play, wouldn’t Gravitational Shift just win the game?

    • PseudotropheusNo Gravatar

      I agree that memoricide is pretty slow for this matchup, but you are keeping mimic vat in, and it’s slow too (it never helped you when you had it).

      Ratchet bomb is a cheap way to beat off the initial rush. Bloodghasts are a whole lot less threatening when you’re above 10 life.

      I used to play mimic vat in MBC, which was fine because MBC often had extra mana. However, UB is pretty good at using up its extra mana. Mimic vat is very cool, and often powerful, but I don’t think it’s helping you win.

    • solebushNo Gravatar

      gravitation shift sounds cute, but I think in reality i think by the time you’re dropping it, they’ve done enough damage that they’re gonna just burn you out with red spells and/or highborn (that is if they haven’t already won).
      Great videos btw.

      • Jebus_McGeeNo Gravatar

        I’m not advocating that Gravitation Shift is a great option, and it doesn’t turn off Highborn or burn of course. But having watched these matches, being able to stabilize at 5 mana isn’t totally unreasonable. Especially if you focus down the Highborn(s) with spot removal/counters as quickly as possible. I feel like Gravitational Shift into Wurmcoil Engine would pull you out of just about any jam against them.

        I’d consider making these changes:
        -2 Frost Titan
        -2 Doom Blade
        -1 Mimic Vat
        +2 Wurmcoil Engine
        +2 Disfigure
        +1 Skinrender

        Bear in mind that my entire exposure to the current constructed metagame is whatever people are posting here. But if one was trying to win against the decks I’ve been seeing people play against, I’d consider those changes.

    • jiyunNo Gravatar

      Glad to see another top notch std vid. After watching this I decided to step away from Kut and run u/b in the daily. I run the persecutor package and I’m a huge fan. I’d suggest trying it out again as it is a really amazing 4 drop for the current meta.

      Vamps is obv the worst mu for u/b. Its probably something absurd like 70/30 g1, 60/40 g2. I run an even spit of 2 d.blades and 2 disfigures. Most of all aggro folds to disfigure aside from a few dudes but it makes your g1 vs vamps a hell of a lot easier. Drawing 4 blanks vs your worst matchup is def. not something you want to be doing.

      I think the craziest change I made before doing the DE today was cutting seagates for CALCITE SNAPPERS. I have no idea why no lists run this insane card. It is imho hugely overlooked right now, and I have yet to see a u/b list run it. It devastates u/w control, stops removal+aggro dead in its tracks and combined with tarpit can win very fast. You should def. give the tortoise a run, I guarantee you’ll love it. The only down side is our worst m/u has gatekeeper which just laughs at shroud, but I still think its miles ahead of what oracle contributes at the 3slot.


    • goproNo Gravatar

      I was playing Ascension and its so hard to win and when you do its so overwhelming so I switchd to Valakut and it is WAY easier to win and steal wins. My 1st 2 dailies with it I was running 4 LB MB and would SB into Clasms/Bolts but would still get mowed over by dumb aggro. Instead I switched to 3 Clasms MB and SB into Bolts. 3-1 my last 2 DEs. So good when the Meta is so predictable. Aggro is the meta right now. 5 DEs and only 3 control in first 2 matches since switching decks. I think Persecutor is one of the strongest cards right now. When I was playing Ascension I would SB into Kiln Fiend and Snappers. Its pretty powerful SB but G3 it would be pretty hard to win since they know whats going on.

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