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  • Standard 8-man with Mikey K

    by on Nov.22, 2010, under Constructed, Standard

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    I have another go at playing a different build of the UB deck, this time with guest commentator Mikey K.

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    • LastSasquatchNo Gravatar

      This is the only one, we didn’t end up doing another one after despite saying we would in the video because we ran out of time. We did record with Mikey’s deck after this though, but I don’t know if he’ll put that up because it was also really short.

    • Mikey k519No Gravatar

      Meh… Its like a 5 min thing and the deck i played did suck:D.

    • goproNo Gravatar

      Is Duress better than Inqusition? Since the meta is aggro Duress seeems a lot less spicy. And that opponent couldnt have played Valakut any worst. I mean… its not hard to play. Its like Jund. So dam simple and yet he still made mistakes. I play Valakut and its such a stupid deck. It belongs in the Quest and Rebirth category as dum decks that just win outa nowehre.
      Never take Memoricide outa SB. Ramp is still part of the meta.

      • Mikey k519No Gravatar

        Ill admit, taking out memoricide was kind of a bad idea, but it was my fault. I keep forgetting online is diff from irl…

        But IMO, yes duress is better because it does take jace the mind sculpter and venser vs U/W among other played things in the format.

      • LastSasquatchNo Gravatar

        Yeah, not being able to take summoning trap or jtms with my thoughtseize effect is enough to make me stick to duress. I rarely get nothing at all unless their hand is small and all I really need at that point is info as to what they’re about to do to save my counters and kill spells for the right targets.

        I did put back in memoricide for flashfreeze ;) , but I have stuck with persecutors. Tryin to get it to work.

    • nathonesNo Gravatar

      love all your standard vids LS. Keep up the great work!

    • goproNo Gravatar

      Agreed. Just wondering if there was any upsides to Inquisition. Stopped playing Control once Cruel rotated so Im rather clueless concerning control matchups.

      Has Jar Jar completely faded away as a viable finisher against Control?
      Consume the Meek x3 seems excessive. Ive never liked Volition Reigns even as a one of in U/R and Im sure it doesnt do much in U/B. Have you tried putting in Snappers yet?
      If youve already explained these points during the vids I apologize as I usually skip quite often.

      • LastSasquatchNo Gravatar

        The reason people played Jar Jar was because it didn’t die, so you didn’t lose to removal. Now titans fill the 6 drop slot and they do the same thing, give you value in the face of removal. Still, if the meta was full of cards like terminate and path to exile it would still be much more value to play the sphinx, but when the only things that kill grave titan and not sphinx are journey to nowhere and condemn on the attack it’s just much better to get 10 power and counting from your 6 drop.

        Consume the meek is a card where if I’m boarding up to 3 I always want to draw it. For that reason I would play 4 main + board if it wasn’t so clunky, but as it is you can lose games by starting with 2 consumes that you don’t have time to get to.

        I’m not a huge fan of volition reigns either, we were just trying it out to see what was up but I’ve since removed it. And as for snappers I haven’t tried putting them in yet just because my problem is never getting in for damage, its about stalling on irrelevant spells, which is why I want my 3 drops to draw cards, and while a 1/4 obviously blocks better against aggro than a 1/3 the not drawing any cards is enough for me to not want to play it.

    • jiyunNo Gravatar

      I wouldn’t play u/b in std without calcite snapper. Cut that useless 3 drop and play snapper. Also I am not a fan of this new list.
      -3 oracle
      -1 reigns(which you’ve mentioned)
      -2 duress
      -1 d.blade

      +3 snapper
      +1 frost titan
      +1 disfigure
      +1 jace,tms
      +1 wurmcoil

    • Mikey k519No Gravatar

      Man I love reigns, your all haters… Also I kind of agree with jiyun, I don’t like oracle to much either.

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