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  • MBS release sealed #4

    by on Mar.09, 2011, under Limited, Scars of Mirrodin, Sealed

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    Another sealed here. Some drafts on their way, so stay tuned :)

    to the blog….

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    • Jebus_McGeeNo Gravatar

      I think you could have won R3G3, or at least had a chance to stabilize.

      You’re at 12 and he swings with Gargoyle and both Blistergrubs. You bounced using your replica before damage, which meant your Steel Hellkite couldn’t get through once he replayed it. If you take the damage and go to 4 (which you were willing to do next turn anyway), bounce the Gargoyle EOT, you can connect with Hellkite and kill both Blistergrubs.

      Then you can either play out Anatomist or Slasher, or you can Morbid Plunder for Replica/Treasure Mage/Pladium Myr. He then has to replay his gargoyle, which you can kill with Spread the Sickness, and you pretty much have it unless he has Concussive Bolt or something.

      He had 1 card in hand when he made that attack, I can’t think of something other than Concussive Bolt that kills you in that situation.

      Also, 16 lands was super greedy. The deck was not aggressive, you were 3 colors, and you had some mana hungry cards.

    • RoninXNo Gravatar

      @ Jebus

      The Blistergrubs would each do cause him to lose 2 life when they died, killing him. He discussed that line of play and why it wouldn’t work in the video.

      Also, I don’t think 16 lands would have been greedy if that plague myr had been an iron myr. Two myrs is generally ~1 land (though less so against opponents w/ arc trail!). I felt like the deck really wanted one more red source though, so I would have cut the plague myr for a mountain.

    • solebushNo Gravatar

      yeah I said swamp in the blog, but if I added a land it should probably be mountain. In the end I kept plague myr over land for vivisection, and once I cut the myr I feel like vivisection is a bit awkward. I probably should have just cut them both.

    • Jebus_McGeeNo Gravatar

      My bad on the Blistergrubs. Yes I forgot they would kill you on the way out.

      But counting mana myr as half a land is super dangerous. A 1/1 artifact isn’t even remotely difficult to dispose of, having myr as part of your mana base is really risky. I’d be willing to go so far as to count them as a third of a land. If this deck was a little more aggressive and a lot less top heavy, 16 land would have been fine. But 3 colors and lots of mana requirements is a call for 17 land.

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