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  • Mikey K’s Pauper Testing Session 56 With UR Nauts

    by on Aug.26, 2012, under Constructed, Pauper

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    So this week I decided to take a really cool UR combo deck into the ring and see how it does.

    Let’s ROCK!


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    • lukinoNo Gravatar

      Hi Mikey,
      UR Nauts is really nice deck.
      Long time ago I was thinking about deck like taht, but in our meta game full of red decks I dont think this would be a great choice. Anyway, I build another red deck based on Kiln Fiend and if you want, you can try it on online. Here is the decklist:
      4 x Goblin Arsonist
      4 x Goblin Bushwhacker
      2 x Keldon Marauders
      2 x Bloodcrazed Neonate
      4 x Kiln Fiend
      4 x Perilous Myr
      4 x Lightnig Bolt
      4 x Burst Lightning
      1 x Krenko┬┤s Command
      4 x Searing Blaze
      4 x Brimstone Volley
      3 x Fireblast
      2 x Forgotten Cave
      1 x Teetering Peaks
      16 x Mountain

      3 x Sylvok Lifestaff
      2 x Traitorous Blood
      1 x Burn the Impure
      1 x Smash to Smithereens
      3 x Manic vandal
      2 x Flaring Pain
      2 x Fling

      Maybe it need some changes, chcek it out if you want

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