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    • nathonesNo Gravatar

      I would’ve taken the Lightning Talons over the Excomm. your deck is basically insane with it (2 deathraiders + fodder)

      And Orchard over everything else???? Wasn’t feeling it in your deck but hey you gotta get tix so your call.

    • BeersSCNo Gravatar

      I never fault anyone for taking money, but the hellspark elemental is really really good in red black, especially with 2x corpse, I would have taken it for sure. No one wants to block a guy that is going to die that turn anyway, so it is either 6 free damage in an aggro deck, or they lose a card to a chump block.

    • thedirkatronNo Gravatar

      Nice to see some drafts from you again, Me Llamo. I always enjoy them.

      I’m always skeptical of limiting myself to just two colors in such a three-color format, but you put together a pretty good deck.

      One card I would urge people to consider when they’re playing a lot of unearth is Rotting Rats. It seems bad at first (and in some decks, it is bad… like horribly, horribly bad) but if you’re playing enough unearth it can be devastating to your opponents as they’re losing cards forever and you’re tossing in undead Leotaus (which in a perfect world would never, ever be hardcast), Corpse connaisseurs, Hellspark’s, etc., etc.

      And as for the case of the Exotic Orchard: I never fault anyone for tick drafting. I would’ve done the same damn thing.

      Nice deck overall and thanks for the video and the commentary as always :)

    • RhapsodyguyNo Gravatar

      I would have considered sacrificing the Skeletal Kathari to its ability to avoid having it put on top of your library. At that point, the only way you were winning was to race and topdeck that Quenchable Fire, so that would have gotten you one more card to look at. As it turns out, that one more card was a swamp, so it didn’t matter anyway.

      Also, Bant decks are a good reason to consider playing cards like Infest and Volcanic Fallout in a B/R deck. That said, you should probably take Razerunners over Fallout in general for this kind of deck anyway, for its ability to just win games by itself.

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