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    • Ult1mateNo Gravatar

      Hey there,

      Watching the vid’s since the start now and really digging those dual commentaries. Don’t know whether it makes you play better though…

      You guys argue about the use of the skeletonize (about 5 min before end of match 1 game 2). You decide not to use it. Opp uses Agony Warp to take out the Skeletal kathari and still you don’t use it: instead you let the Kathari die AND then use it while it has become almost useless….

      Shouldn’t you just have used the Skeletonize (killing Dreadwing ofcourse) in response to his Agony Warp, creating a 1/1 token, saccing that to skeletal kathari regenerating it? You would still have had the Kathari, killed the Dreadwing and propably won the game….

      Is regenerating even possible when something is affected by Agony Warp? Because it;s -0/-3 instead of damage? Cause if so: you gave it away…

      Let me know your thoughts on this!

    • mellamopobredeNo Gravatar

      It helps to listen to the video. We mentioned SEVERAL times that you cannot regenerate the creature in response to agony warp.

    • jasmesxjasonNo Gravatar

      Yeah, as Mellamopobrede said. Regeneration only works for lethal damage and destroy effects. Since a creature with 0 or negative toughness fills either of those requirements, the regeneration sheild will not save skeletal kathari.

    • jiyunNo Gravatar

      nuh-uhh kathari is invincible!!!! flying dead bird ftw

      shitty deal jason, flooding into ur opponents non stop gas is a pissoff

    • SenseiNo Gravatar

      I would like to note that if your 4 toughness guy (with damage on it) gets Agony Warp’d, you CAN Metallurgeon it. Regeneration removes all damage so a Tower Gargoyle will come back tapped as a 4/1. My opponent called judge on me and was pwnd. Sucks to sac a critter and a removal spell but at least he won’t forget that rule in the future.

    • madmanquailNo Gravatar

      I know that it felt like the opponent got better draws, but realistically the problem was that the deck was deceptively weak. There was nothing there but the dragon. You had zero evasion besides the mediocre skeletal kathari, and you lost both games on the ground. A bit more evasion, maybe some more solid removal, and you would have had a great jund deck. Unfortunately the cards just weren’t there to be picked.

      So, looking over the first couple of draft picks, i feel like you missed out on a really great bant deck… First pick is still correctly x-cap, but the second pick Jund Charm is very debatable…

      After that, the rhox charger and the squire were super-clear signals that bant was open, and then there was that bant charm at some point, and that really late kathari too. I feel you could have at least considered that route a little more, rather than trying to pick up a RGb jund deck while passing stellar RGW Naya directly to your left. I mean, you knew from the first pick that one or both of your neighbours were Naya; but you ignored this and didn’t stay out of it!

      Other than that, you played the games more or less as well as you could. (although that 5-land hand was kind weak, i’d mull it)

    • mellamopobredeNo Gravatar

      Yeah i think i mentioned this in the video (maybe not) but our deck was just a pile of cards. I knew the deck was weak.

      Rhox charger is not a signal that “bant is open” since anyone in their right mind who is in green would take it. It is true we could have picked up the akrasan squire but here’s the thing about switching during a draft, it’s really hard to do when there is a decent card for you in the pack. We knew from the first pick that both of our neighbors were naya? Maybe. Remember that in alara naya is the best shard so it makes sense that it looks like that. I agree that we could have moved out of jund, but it was pretty hard to make the switch in my opinion since we were still getting cards in our colors. If we had taken the squire and hadnt seen stuff like bant charm it would have looked like a really greedy pick. That being said i think there’s a lot to learn from this draft.

      Btw, id just like to say that the second pick jund charm was one of the best cards in our deck and would have wrecked our opponent.

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